Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back in Black

Yesterday, I came back from Montreal after having attended my 3rd CUSEC. I have attended the conference every year since my first year in Software Engineering and I have to say that I was very happy this year to see a continued commitment to high quality talks and a friendly and fun atmosphere all around.

I thoroughly enjoyed most of the keynotes, but Jeff Atwood's talk was particularly motivating to me. I remembered I had started this blog a long time ago, and abandoned it (alas, for this is the destiny of so many of my projects); Jeff reminded me that I did indeed have something to say to the world.

I'm a Software Engineer by University program; a versatile programmer by experience and a hacker at heart. It's hard to keep me from reverse engineering just about any piece of technology that happens to drop on my lap. I happily drop from the virtual world of ones and zeroes and get my hands dirty with my soldering iron.

As for most geeks, my home page speaks of me better than I can:

See you around the blogosphere!

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